Seminar Contents Overview


Dr. Ed Silvoso will teach on 4 topics as follows:


1. An Overview of the EKKLESIA

Dr. Ed Silvoso will share from Jesus’s teaching in the 4 Gospels for us to understand what Jesus’ model of the EKKLESIA is.   New insights will be learnt about the ministry and the operation of the EKKLESIA and we shall learn how to retune our churches into Jesus’s EKKLESIA.


2. Gather /Scatter

Dr. Ed Silvoso will show from the book of Acts how God at various stages of growth of His EKKLESIA gathers His people to strengthen them, then allows crisis in the midst of which He scatters them to expand the church so the EKKLESIA can grow and expand its mission.   The COVID Era is when God scatters His EKKLESIA for growth!


3. EKKLESIA – 4 Audiences

Dr. Ed Silvoso shares with us from his observation and study of scripture the 4 types of audiences or church/EKKLESIA formation to which the message and teaching of EKKLESIA is to be directed. This is a very inspiring teaching to help us to learn to grow and minister as EKKLESIA.



Dr. Ed Silvoso will share how to live out Jesus’ teaching in Mattew 18:18-20 through abiding in the manifest presence of Jesus worshiping Him magnifying Him, learning to legislate with the authority of the EKKLESIA to bind and to loose what God the Father has prayed in Heaven to see our prayers answered 100% on earth as it is in Heaven.  



Testimonies of EKKLESIAs – there are 5 testimonies of EKKLESIAs in the process of growth and formation in the COVID Era.


These testimonies of 5 churches show that they are seeking to transition into EKKLESIA in the COVID Era at various stages of growth and adaptation under the Lord’s leading.



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