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  • About HK TransformOurWorld Network


    The HK TransformOurWorld Network, or the HKTOW Network or the Network in short, is a voluntary association of men and women of faith and good will devoted to nation transformation (Matthews 28:18-20), and organizations and Churches sharing the same vision.


    Its members of the Network have a vision to develop transformational models within their spheres of influence to make the world a better place by seeing the will of God done on earth as it is done in heaven already.

    The network has a vision to gather together people who share the above described vision, enrich, enable and support them, and make room for possible strategic joint ventures to take place.

    The Five Pivotal Paradigms for Nation Transformation and the Biblical Principles of Prayer Evangelism (Luke 10:1-20, I Timothy 2:1-8), are the defining DNA of the network.


    Our mission is to work for the transformation of Hong Kong and beyond for Christ through personal transformation and transformation of the marketplace, practicing the Biblical Principles of Prayer Evangelism as taught by Jesus in Luke 10:1-20, and living out the Five Pivotal Paradigms for Nation Transformation. The foundation of our mission is the transformation of our inner lives (Ro 12:1-2), working outwards to the transformation of our families, our businesses, our spheres of influence, then into the city and nation.

    Five Pivotal Paradigms for Nation Transformation explained

    Ed Silvoso’s book Transformation shows how God intervenes in human affairs today to transform people and nations. The book explains in great details the Five Pivotal Paradigms for Nation Transformation:

    1.     The Great Commission is about discipling nations, no just people.

    2.     The marketplace has been redeemed by Jesus and now needs to be reclaimed by His Followers.

    3.     Labor is the premier expression of worship on Earth and every believer is a minister

    4.     Our primary call is not to build the Church but to take the kingdom of God where the kingdom of darkness is still entrenched in order for Jesus to build His Church.

    5.     The premier social indicator that transformation has taken place is the elimination of systemic poverty.

    Prayer Evangelism explained

    Ed Silvoso’s book Prayer Evangelism reveals a proven, practical action plan – one built on real-life strategies and tactics – that shows how we can change the spiritual climate of our city. It describes both “personal Prayer Evagelism” as a tool for reaching individuals (Luke 10:1-9), as well as Prayer Evangelism as a tool that changes the spiritual climate of a sphere of influence (Luke 10:1-20) which is vital to transformation

    Marketplace Transformation explained

    Ed Silvoso’s book Anointed for Business adapts the concepts of Prayer Evangelism into the marketplace which includes business, government and education, where the greatest harvest of lives is beginning to be realized.  Through this prophetic call of marketplace ministers, the perceived wall between worship and labor is beginning to crumble and God’s kingdom is moving into one of the final and most abundant harvest fields.

    Personal Transformation (marketplace person explained)

    The network is a response to the fact that Christians need to do more and to intentionally challenge and transform the prevailing self-centered culture.  In a grass-roots effort to combat systems of poverty threatening and/or destroying nations the network is challenging, inspiring and equipping people to be intentionally ethical.  We believe mutual accountability is a definite must for personal transformation to take place. 

    We challenge our members in the marketplace to commit to and be mutually accountable for the following: 

    Ø              To be ethical, operating in the highest integrity to produce and deliver quality products and services.

    Ø              To refuse to accept or pay bribes.

    Ø              To pay taxes according to the law.

    Ø              To pay reasonable salaries and wages.

    Ø              To invest in the betterment of the workers and their families.

    Ø              To invest generously and sacrificially in the broader community, with the focus on the eradication of systemic poverty.

    To purposefully connect with others to impact the world. 


    The HKTOW Network is not a ministry or an independent organization. It is a sub-structure of Harvest Evangelism (H.K.) Ltd to achieve the Vision and Mission as outlined above.

    Its affairs and activities are regulated by an autonomous Leadership Committee. The Committee members are nominated by the board of Harvest Evangelism (H.K.) Ltd and their appointment is subject to the approval of the existing members. The Executive Director of Harvest Evangelism (H.K.) Ltd is the Convenor of the Leadership Committee.

    How to join the withdraw

    Any Christian or Christian organization or church may become a member of the Network by applying to the Network and acceptance by its Leadership Commttee.

    A person may withdraw its membership, by giving notice to the Leadership Committee.

    The Leadership Committee may also terminate a person’s membership, or a person’s Leadership Committee membership by giving notice to the person concerned. The Board of Harvest Evangelism (H.K.) Ltd also reserves the right to terminate the membership of a Leadership Committee Member by giving notice.



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