Resources on Transformation in Education
The Elk River Story Source:

IN THE ELK RIVER STORY, Rick Heeren, along with leading pulpit and marketplace ministers of Elk River and the surrrounding communities, documents the origins and tracks the emergence of a transformation movement that has the potential to emulate the spiritual transformation of Almolonga, Guatemala.

Elk River, Minnesota, with a population of about 20,000, has been experiencing the power of God for a few years now. This began when pastors and community leaders first came together to pray, and it took off when they chose to pastor the entire city instead of just their congregations. Later on it moved into high gear when the marketplace began to experience transformation, first at City Hall, and then in the schools, the police, and business in general. Since then it has gained what looks like unstoppable momentum with a Christian bank opening its doors in nearby Otsego, impacting the lives of people on a daily basis.


The Street Adopter’s Handbook Source:

This Anointed Handbook is an Essential Guide to those who Initiative Street Adoption
The strategy Jesus gave us to reach our cities is contained in Luke 10 and is referred to today as “Prayer Evangelism”.  In this handbook the authors describe how Street Adoption is a method of implementing Prayer Evangelism that can accelerate the process of transformation in your city. The book describes the Biblical principles behind Street Adoption and also a method of systematic implementation of street adoption employed in Newark, New Jersey with great effect. The book contains inspiring testimonies that encourage the reader to initiate this in your district or city.